Saturday, April 18, 2009

Summer 2009 Skirts from Watanabe

Once upon a time, an innocent wrote an email to the sage Manolo the Shoeblogger, asking what kind of footwear she might choose to accessorize her long denim skirt. The Manolo replied, “the house slippers,” as he would never advocate wearing a long denim skirt in public.

I smiled smugly when reading this response, because, except for a moment in Grade Six, when I wore a maxi wrap-denim skirt with strappy leather wedges and a stripped sailor tee, long and denim have not been acceptable adjectives in my vocabulary to modify skirt.

Until now, of course.

I am absolutely mad for Junya Watanabe’s long jean skirts, his long gingham picnic-y skirts, and his white ruffly skirts. I especially adore any one of these with a bustle, as bustles bridge an academic and fashion interest of mine.

(When I interviewed with Vogue—and yes, I’m bringing up that yet again—I produced an “Up Front” page, all about the bustle, and illustrated it with a picture of Naomi Campbell in Galliano. I think the original is in my office somewhere; I’ll try and locate it for scanning.)

Anyway, the Watanabe bustle and ruffles utterly obliterate any potential for dowdiness in these denim skirts and have created a mini obsession chez moi. And the gingham, mixed with those outrageous prints are zanily delightful. Not to mention the white worn with white—or trench-coat colors and shapes.

A more purchase-friendly version of the white skirts can be found over at J Peterman’s place, with this Frieda skirt. It’s very tempting for summer evenings.


WendyB said...

Years ago, before I was really comfortable wearing exactly what I wanted, I had a denim skirt with a short train. And I cut it off! Thinking, "I don't wear this very much and it will be more useful this way." *crying*

Now of course I have pieces that I'm totally happy with wearing once every couple of years or so. *crying harder*

Thumbelina Fashionista said...

Other than jeans, I don't wear denim in any other form (jacket, skirt, shirt, etc.). I'm not a fan. That said, I did have a friend who bought a denim skirt with a bustle and it looked great on her--she was tall and lanky, and it suited her body type. I'm short, so it wouldn't work on me at all. But aren't you tall, Miss C? Somehow it would work on you!