Saturday, April 18, 2009

Of L.A.M.B.s and Colts

Last night our family watched a 1953 French film called White Mane about a gipsy boy who forms a bond with a wild white horse.

It was made by the same director who went on to film The Red Balloon, and he cast his sons in each. (The adorable curly-locked 2-3 year old in Mane grows up to be the boy in Balloon.)

Perhaps I have horses on my mind more so than usual (there was my earlier post about some unusual mane couture, as well as my enduring love for that BG photo here and here), but I’ve been quietly and consistently struck by how Jak & Jil’s images of women, en route to fashion shows in Europe when wearing high, high heels, and in full stride, recall that particular attenuation of colts when cantering.

When I wear my super high heels, like these L.A.M.B.s,

I’m not able to take my usual wide, fast stride, and I accordingly feel less athletic than usual. But after thinking about the above photographs, I’m revising that feeling, imagining instead a coltish prance.

Hmmm: a colt in L.A.M.B.’s clothing?

All puns aside, how do you feel when you walk in high heels (3 inches or more)?


K.Line said...

I only wear them in the bedroom! Though I wish I could walk around in super high heels because I love the look.

pve design said...

I have my eye on a L.A.M.B. bag - and well as for the heels, nothing makes one's legs feel longer!

Thumbelina Fashionista said...

I'm pretty comfortable (now) in 3 inch heels, but with 3 1/2 to 4 inch heels, I definitely have to walk with more restraint. In a way, I walk in a more "ladylike" way with shorter strides. I try to avoid wearing those really high heels on the streets, so in a classroom or restaurant a shorter stride isn't as noticable. Lately, though, I've developed a taste for high heels--there is something empowering about towering over others; plus it forces you to stand up straight!