Saturday, September 19, 2009

Shameless Blondes

Of course the title is a compliment, referring to a character in Evelyn Waugh’s Handful of Dust who flies her own airplane, puts on overalls with the house painters, and generally befuddles Tony Last (though she sweetly plays Animal Snap with him).**

Channeling Mrs. Rattery (for that is the shameless blonde’s name), I’d like to report that I’ve been thinking about blondes with a certain iconic hairstyle, prompted, sadly, by the recent loss of Mary Travers (she of the gloriously clear voice).

There’s Mary in the top image.

And here’s Nico, below:

And Joni Mitchell:

And Marianne Faithfull:

Indeed, all these blondes have something else in common: they’re musical. But shameless? You tell me.

**Why, oh why was this shameless blonde played by raven-haired Anjelica Huston in the film version? She had the spirit, but Waugh readers would miss the hair. At least this one did.


K.Line said...

I'm amazed by the outpouring of sadness regarding the death of Mary Travers. Not because I don't think she was amazing (I totally do) but because I didn't think she was really on anyone else's radar. Sometimes I'm pretty off the mark. So glad she will be remembered.

~Tessa~Scoffs said...

I saw the film version before I read the book and so Ms. Huston was perfection to me. Did you ever look up the alternate ending penned for those annoying Americans that prefer a 'happy' ending?

miss cavendish said...

A *happy* ending? Egad . . . If I have read it, I've repressed it.

~Tessa~Scoffs said...

Miss C - I guess "happy" is not the word. More like "less unhappy." Yes, that fits. It's buried in a short story collection I found hiding in my local libe. I won't ruin it for you.

Make Do Style said...

Mary Travers? Not on the Brit radar but not surprised these things pass us by with our media!

Having been blonde all my life I'm never sure if it is a good or bad thing.

Belle de Ville said...

I think that teutonic blond babe was certainly the iconic look of the decade from 1965-1975. The look was not just evident in musicians but models and actresses too.

Miss Whistle said...

Best picture of Nico. Ever.
Thank you. Great blog.

Miss W x

sarayu said...

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