Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Feeling Sheepish

Last year the sea was a dominant influence in fashion. Christopher Kane made delicious scallop dresses and tunics, through which you could channel a floaty mermaid, or, if you were feeling more fierce, Grendel’s mother.

I certainly took the bait (ahem), and bought a pair of bitter yellow scallop-y booties by L.A.M.B. (I know, I know: surf and turf) that I still adore.

This year, however, the tide is no longer high, for designers have turned their gaze landward.

Toward the farm.

Or perhaps, for my more romantic readers, toward the Lake District of England, where sylvan creatures nibble the green grass surrounding Wordsworth’s Dove Cottage:

In any case, I declare that sheep are the new scallop.

Consider this boot, for instance, by BCBG Max Azria with its unshorn leather “fleece”:

And here is a Christian Louboutin sheep-inspired bootie with a Mohawk (Sheephawk?) (Mosheep? We want mo sheep!):

Sheep don’t have to be white or black. When I am a fashionable sheep (by Manolo Blahnik) I shall wear purple:

And finally, this second Manolo sheep bootie calls to mind—well—hair plugs (fleece plugs?):

By the way, L.A.M.B. must be feeling quite at home this fall.