Thursday, January 21, 2010

Canada Goose Flies into Soho Shop

It’s always a surprise to see something so practical from my native land being treated as an expensive hipster purchase, but when I was in Soho’s Blue in Green over the December break, I was cheered and a little amused to find, among the uber-cool jeans from Japan, a significant display of Canada Goose parkas.
I don’t know if one of these expedition quality parkas is really what a New Yorker needs to get around the city on a daily basis—it’s more for residents of Nunavut or the Yukon Territory to my mind—but if you want a warm coat with a touch of Canadian mountie chic (the red!), this is your parka. And you might just feel an irresistible urge to say “eh” while wearing it.

If you aren’t for wearing your Canadian geese, though, then you might want to check out this film:

It’s Fly Away Home, starring a young Anna Paquin, an endearing befuddled Canadian scientist aka Jeff Daniels, a hint of Dana Delany, as well as a talented flock of . . . you know.

And no—not a flock of seagulls. They didn't fly away home; they ran so far away.  But today they’re here:

Anyway, it’s a gaggle of geese. But no 80s band has that name. Eh?

UPDATED:  On the other hand, these coats may not only be for the great outdoors.  According to this NYT article, sometimes the outdoors comes indoors.  And stays.


K.Line said...

Can't speak for NY, but mine is perfect when the weather goes below -6 (higher than that, and it's really too warm).

LPC said...

We're always on the hunt for authentic culture here in the US. Since we have derived ALL of ours...

TheCluelessCrafter said...

Yes the LES crowd, as I have noted, have been flocking to these parkas. They look delightful, but I cannot sport the I stick to beautiful faux fur hooded jackets or the vintage number passed down.

Purl is a beautiful shop. The shelves piled floor to ceiling with gorgeous vibrant and heatherd yarns in a rainbow. . .inspiring.

Angie Muresan said...

That is very adorable! Too bad our winter never get that cold.