Monday, January 4, 2010

Coffee Becomes Miss C

Today, having driven over 14 hours during the last two days and another 90 minutes in snow this morning in a round trip to and from my children’s school, I felt very tired around 10:00.

I’d had two European-size cups of Peet’s coffee chez moi around 6:30, a large latte about 8:30 and succumbed to a half-caf latte at 10:15.

Usually caffeine makes me irritable (and perhaps I am?!) but today it felt like a glorious jolt of color in an otherwise white snowscape.

So, then, this image by Lynda Benglis, “Swineburne Figure I,” also known in our household as “pink Venus” seems appropriate.

I wonder what kind of snow angel this figure would make?

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Town and Country Mom said...

Happily discovered your blog after reading about LPC's portraits. Glad to have found you. Try putting your "puffer" in the dryer on low with some new tennis balls. Good luck!