Saturday, January 30, 2010

Susannah Hunter in Full Bloomsbury

You may know that Susannah Hunter, based in London, designs bags that are embellished with applique flowers.  (My dear blogging pal K.Line did a post on them a while ago.)

She also makes what look to be stunning pieces of furniture for the home.  The room divider above, for instance, explodes with flowers,

and this chair with footrest

as well as this ottoman

both look very enticing.

Full disclosure: I ordered a bag a couple of years back and was not thrilled with the quality of the leather--it was rather crackily and didn't measure up to the asking price.  But these pieces, which are available only through Hunter's bricks-and-mortar shop look to be more substantial. 

Indeed, they conjure up a Bloomsbury world both physically and symbolically.  Have any British readers seen these larger pieces in the flesh, so to speak?


Belle de Ville said...

Very pretty.

Make Do Style said...

No but I could go and take a peek to let you know xx

Lydia, Clueless Crafter said...

Miss Cavendish, I admit that I don't fully understand the reference to Bloomsbury. Is this the Bloomsbury Group of Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant? When I think of Bell, my mind goes to her beach scenes with white tents and simplified blocks of color. I see a loose, but similar aesthetic on the screen, though the feel is different.

Can you direct me to some canvases that may help me understand what Bloomsbury stands for?

Miss Cavendish said...

Hi Lydia,

I was making a connection between the blooms on the screen (as well as the other furniture) and the hand-painted furniture at Charleston, Bell and Grant's country home, which I identified via a Bloomsbury reference. There may not be a screen there, but there could be!