Thursday, February 4, 2010

Jane Eyredale

I'm teaching Jane Eyre at the moment and thinking of a number of Jane-related projects that I've been wanting to work on.  None are scholarly; all would require a great deal of time, and I keep returning them to the back of my mental file cabinet.

But I feel compelled to share one on the (high) heels of a recent comment from my cutting-edge-yet-gentle-reader WendyB on this post

For I have wanted to film, for a good 15 years, now, an all-dog update of that classic novel, which I would call Jane Eyredale

Can you not imagine a noble but gruff Newfoundland as Mr. Rochester?  A miniature poodle as Adele?  And my beloved Marilla (a bulldog) was slated to play Mrs. Fairfax.

If any potential backers are reading this, drop me a line.  And let this post serve as copyright notice!  Don't get any sneaky ideas, James Cameron. 

(The image above is from a Bruce Weber shoot for Vogue.  If I recall, a dignified bulldog played the reverend.  And then probably drank too much punch.)


TheCluelessCrafter said...

Oh Miss Cavendish, I would glady offer VC funding, just as long as my pup takes center stage. Is it a deal for Jane Eyredale?

Awards shows are in the very near future!

Modern Traditionalist said...

As long as you stayed true to the manuscript and avoided any obvious humor, I would watch that film several times over.

Make Do Style said...

Sounds hilarious! I'll direct and we can collaborate on screen adaptation!

Miss Cavendish said...

Hmmm--CC, what kind of pup do you have?

MT--The film would be made with the greatest of respect.

MDS--I think it would work!

K.Line said...

This is utterly hilarious.

Sister Wolf said...

I can see it in my head. Can William Wegman finance this project? Or would he be too jealous?

materfamilias said...

I'm starting to put together a course proposal, with your film a crucial component. I've got that great Updike poem, some of Mark Doty's -- he's got the best Golden Retriever poem ever! -- and, of course, my next-door neighbour's dog's chapbook (Victor channeled his poetry through scribes chosen from among Canada's best-known -- George Bowering, P.K. Page all have verses in it. . . ).
Perhaps we could get funding for a trans-national symposium.
Now you just need to hurry up and get the film out there -- I'm waiting. Students are waiting. . . We can transform academia!