Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Craving: Black Seamed Cigarette Pants

Perhaps it's in anticipation of skiing events at the Winter Olympics, but I was struck today by a style memory that just won't shake: the raised-center-seam cigarette pant in black.

I had a pair eons ago, which I wore with half-inch platform two-tone brogues, a zipped full-turtleneck sweater (Gstaad-style, you know), and loved, loved, loved until they wore out.**

Here's a detail from a Piazza Sempione pair, in sateen, though I'd prefer matte:

I don't know whether Laura Petrie and Ann-Margret's seams were raised at center, but these iconic photos have the spirit.

Although I can't seem to shake my desire, the above women can, well, shake their seams.

**The Gstaad stuff is ironic; I'm still smarting from the time in 1992 when I waited six months to get an appointment with Frederic Fekkai to cut my very long hair, only to be bumped because he had broken his leg skiing in Gstaad.  I was almost in tears when I saw him cutting hair in his cast--not for him, but for my selfish little self who felt slighted that this first-time client didn't rate.  Long hair story short: the talented Mark Garrison cropped my hair that day.


Make Do Style said...

Great hair story and I long for a pair of cigarette pants. I adore them.

Belle de Ville said...

I love those pants...I just wish that I still had the figure to wear them!

s. said...

Yum yum. I'd love a pair of those black pants, too. Have you looked at the ponte trousers that seem to be everywhere this season?

Anonymous said...

I got a pair like this by Theory--I love knit pants these days! They have the seam, but only to the knee--does that still count? This is the antidote to sweats, don't you think? knit "slacks"??? Gap has some online, go check..they have belt loops which is a boon.