Saturday, February 13, 2010

Olympic Uniforms: Vancouver 2010

How did you think the uniforms looked last night?

I've been reading some vitriolic comments about the Hudson Bay-designed Canadian uniforms, but I think that the ones in the opening ceremony were attractive.  The athletes looked like mini Mounties from a distance (not that this is a stylish goal), and I also liked the Bay scarf/blanket over the flagbearer's shoulders.

A team of fashion students (led by profs) from Ryerson designed them.  Not Roots this year . . .

Team USA's uniforms were, I thought, a vast improvement on their summer Olympics Ralph Lauren Gatsby-esque togs. 

Of course RL kept his polo pony in plain view, but also incorporated looks for which he is well known; the chunky-knit moose caps could have coded as goofy, but with the sleek white ski pants, navy puffer, and thick white turtleneck sweaters they added a playful, folkloric accent.


K.Line said...

Loved the US uniform - didn't think much of the CDN. What did you think of the ceremony? I'm sure the Americans are lambasting us for the torch malfunction at the end :-)

Make Do Style said...

I'm currently watching the speed skating - I love the Canadians, they can do no wrong xx

Belle de Ville said...

I thought that the Canadians looked fabulous and the Americans looked rather ho hum.
Now the Algerians in my opinion rocked the house with their green jackets.