Saturday, March 26, 2011

Get a Grip Before You "Never Let Me Go"

I've been trying to get into the film Never Let Me Go, but its grip is not that strong, ironically.  My favorite character, played by Sally Hawkins, has just been fired, and I will warm up the DVD if you tell me that she reappears later.

Sally Hawkins is a remarkably compelling actress who played an impossibly upbeat schoolteacher in Happy Go Lucky.  Her character in that film was challenged by a--shall we say *difficult*--driving instructor.

[I remember when I learned to drive: I was nineteen (who needs to drive in the city?) and signed up for a course with Young Drivers of Canada, which sounds quite martial to me now.

My instructor arrived at my home and got our lesson off to a terrible start when he told me I looked like his ex-girlfriend.  I replied that he looked like my ex-driving instructor.  And requested a new one.]

In Never Let Me Go, though, Sally Hawkins shows warmth, compassion, a sort of engaged distraction, and commands the camera every time she's in the frame. 

I've just learned that she's playing Mrs. Reed in the new adaptation of Jane Eyre, and I am wondering how she will inhabit that unlikeable character.

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Belle de Ville said...

I recently read the book and was disappointed by it. I'm willing to try the film but if it is anything close to the book, I don't think that I am going to connect with the characters.