Friday, March 4, 2011

Marie and Me

I've been busy all week with dress rehearsals and shows (our last two tomorrow!) so my extracurricular focus has been on Into the Woods, not my poor neglected blog.

The costumes have been delightful to play dress-up in--a floor-length ruffled white skirt with a flouncy white blouse, anchored by a terrific blue-and-white-ticking boned corset.  And then there's an iridescent bronze ballgown with gold trim and a hoop skirt.

But my absolute favorite part of getting into character each show is my two-foot-tall dark blonde Marie Antonette-style wig with a cascade of ringlets in back.  And happily, the wig belongs to me so it will not return to a costume vault. 

Indeed, I have enjoyed gettin' wiggy wit it.

The above Marie wig is unusual, but I included it because it reminds me of these:

which remind me of these:

And you know how I feel about them:

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Linnea said...

Bedlington terriers are a delight. Too intellectual for Vogues sounds good too.