Sunday, March 6, 2011

Jane Eyre(ess) to Liberty of London?

Jane Eyre has received the trendy zombie/slasher treatment in the novel Jane Slayer, and the title character is supposed to be getting her full-blown Goth on in the new film adaptation by Cary Fukunaga, due out March 11.

But this photo from the film, which displays the delicate pattern on Jane's dress,. her lace bonnet, and the welcoming cream-on-blue floral interior of a carriage, looks more gracious (and chic!) than Gothic to me.  Or are these the wedding clothes that Mr. Rochester had purchased for her against her will?  And this carriage an ironic promise of blue skies apres marriage to Mr. R?

In any case, the poster is a delight for readers of Laura Mulvey's classic essay on the "male gaze."


Deja Pseu said...

Haven't read the Slayer version (and probably won't) but the poster is brilliant.

L'age moyen said...

Another Jane Eyre movie? Whoopi! My daughter is reading Jane for the first time. I'm so happy. I guess this is what motherhood is really about - waiting, hoping that your child will cherish the books you love. In truth, I know that motherhood is really solely about food.