Friday, March 25, 2011

Margaret Kilgallen and Joanna S. Rose: Skate, Surf, Stitch

I was recently introduced to the work of Margaret Kilgallen, the late San Francisco artist who painted strong, crisp images directly on walls. 

Many of her paintings were in red and white (with a black line), and I can see them these cool surf and skate images

paired with antebellum-style redwork or red-and-white quilts, like the ones from Infinite Variety, a stunning exhibition of 651 of Joanna S. Rose's quilt collection at the Park Avenue Armory.  651!!! (One more than the publicity material states.)

**Kilgallen is featured in the April issue of Juxtapoz magazine.  You'll need Google Chrome to see it, as my (obviously mainstream) Internet Explorer was informed that it was not cool enough to do the job.

**Rose's quilt exhibition, which she put together with the assistance of American Folk Art Museum, is open to the public March 25-30 at the Park Avenue Armory.  Admission is free, as the exhibition is Rose's gift to the city of New York.

If you go to Rose's exhibition, do let me know.  I had hoped to be in the city this week but didn't make it :-(((


Jennifer said...

I went to "Infinite Variety" after work yesterday, and OH. MY. LORD! It is breathtaking, amazing, gorgeous... I almost filled up the memory card in my camera and must have shot over 100 photos: overviews, details, individual quilts. I still have to sort through all of them but once I do I'll do a post about the exhibition. I still can't believe that one person collected so many beautiful creations, and that the 650(!) on view are only a portion of that collection.

Miss Cavendish said...

Can't wait to see your photos; do let me know when they are up!!!

Jennifer said...

I will, definitely!