Monday, March 7, 2011

Upstairs, Downstairs at Burghley House

My Scottish grandmother loved to watch "Upstairs, Downstairs"; I preferred "The Partridge Family."

But I came to appreciate the meaning of the British TV show's title in a completely different way when a savvy friend passed on the March WSJ magazine to me.

In it was a story on England's Burghley House and its current occupants/caretakers.  I'd seen the house in the film The Golden Bowl when it was decked out in appropriate historical splendour, but the WSJ showed it in anachronistic pleasure:  history on the ceiling (upstairs); modern family put-your-feet-up-on-the-chesterfield comfort on the floor (downstairs). 

To be sure, the modern family comfort depicted here is all red-and-smart-coffee-table-book elegance, but still.

**Those gentle readers who prefer more of a pop culture metaphor might wish to substitute "mullet" for "Upstairs, Downstairs" . . . or as we call it in Canada, "hockey hair."


Jeanne said...

Don't you just love the colours!! Another magazine worth checking out if you enjoy interiors like this is World of Interiors.

Jeanne xx

Belle de Ville said...

I could live there.

WendyB said...

Someone ran off with my WSJ. magazine! Darn.