Monday, March 21, 2011

Tickled Blue, and Red, and Gray

One of my favorite fabrics is the homely ticking stripe.
Although I did wear a proper ballgown in my last musical, my favorite costume was a long white flouncy petticoat, a ruffly white overshirt, and a corset (worn over the white garments) in blue ticking stripe.

Below is a (regrettably tiny) green version that is very close to my blue. 

I felt like one of the actresses in Picnic at Hanging Rock as I tightened the corset (after lacing it with a needle) and though I temporarily enjoyed the nineteenth-century feel, realized that I could not sing, let alone breathe very well with the laces sotight, and loosened them accordingly.

This spring I've been noticing some shoes that riff on this ticking stripe.

Take these three from Christian Louboutin, for instance:

And these two from Tabitha Simmons:

Gentle readers, are you tickled pink by these stripes?


Miss Eliza Wharton said...

The first pair of Simmons made such an impression on me I had to build a complete outfit around them here.
All the others are slightly too patriotic for my taste.

WendyB said...

Loving the wedge espadrille. It's so nautical!

Jennifer said...

I love the variety of stripes on the last pair, that the shoes themselves are composed of parts almost as thin at the lines, and that little flounce on the front!