Friday, June 10, 2011

iSad? Liberty London iPad Case Proves Elusive

While I was working on my iPad yesterday, Mr. C looked at me and said, "You need a stylist."

"Puh-leeze, dude," I shot back.  "I certainly do not."

Fortunately, I misheard him, as he had said "stylus" when he saw me typo-ing away on the tiny iPad keyboard.  An iPad stylus magically appeared at breakfast today, a gift from my dear children.

I had fully intended to buy myself an iPad accessory as well.  Gentle readers will know that I have long adored Liberty of London prints (just finished my crazy LoL quilt and will photograph it soon), and I was delighted to learn that Liberty is collaborating with Apple on some cases.

Some are available at Liberty proper, like this one:

It's pretty, but white and canvas will not wear well in my life.

Then I saw this Ianthe-print embossed-leather iPad case at the Apple UK store.  Perfection.

I particularly like Ianthe; it's the border for my newly completed quilt, and think that this case would be both beautiful and useful (thanks, William Morris).

But could I order it from the Apple UK store?  NO!  They do not ship to the United States! 

The kind Apple UK employee suggested I call the New York Apple store to see whether they could get it in via special order.  Could they?  NO!  Apple US does not tangle with imports.

Liberty, however, ships gladly, and while it carries the Ianthe sleeves for the iPhone, it does not offer Ianthe for the iPad. 

Portmanteau word for the day:  iSad (but only in great good fun.)
Still, there will be no Apple for this professor, unless I hop a plane to London and pluck it from the tree myself.


snicketyone said...

Two things, Miss C: I went a-thrifting yesterday and spied a circa 1980s book; it offered suggestions for using Liberty fabrics to decorate one's home. I immediately thought of you. Also, I have a cousin who lives in the UK - I thought of asking her to pick up this item for you. Then I remembered that she and her husband work for Microsoft.... Oh! There is a third thing. Yesterday I scored a gorgeous skein of wool yarn, tag indicating it was made in Canada - specifically PEI. So I thought of you twice! (Cost was 49 cents! They don't know what they had!).

ipad2 leather case said...

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Jane said...

There is a company that has a service to help with this situation. I found them when I was trying to buy a pair of shoes from Amazon UK and they wouldn't ship to the US. I'm a very determined shopper! They are called They are a shipping company in the UK. They let you use their address and then they ship it on to you. If you buy from more than one place they will combine into one package. They make their money from the shipping fees. I bought an iphone cover from Liberty and an ipad cover from apple UK and had them both shipped to alfanet because Liberty wanted $43 to ship the iphone cover. They are handy for Ebay Uk as well. If you have any questions I'm at Good luck.

Anonymous said...

I have just put this exact Liberty case on Ebay (in the UK unfortunatley) but would be happy to to ship it to the US to a new loving home!
i'm at if you'd like!