Saturday, June 18, 2011

To Be Perfectly Frank; Oh! Such Lovely Libeco Linens!

Whither Mr. Franco, literary PhD candidate? 

I didn't see him at Yale this past week, but that was just fine, for I happily indulged my inner Francophone by chatting en francais avec a fellow Canadian at the delightful Atticus bookstore (wonderfully edited-and-presented books; terrific cards for sale--they were mini works of art--decadent espresso and pastry bar too).

I also delighted in the French textiles at Metaphore, which offers a small but beautifully presented (there's that word again; am clearly in thrall to presentation) selection of European table linens, bed linens, and tableware. 

There I could have spent many a Franc--O, I could have done so, but I took home simply a rustic table runner from Libeco, made from Belgian linen. 

Je suis contente.

This post is not sponsored; I simply like the Belgian linen logo.


materfamilias said...

Your punning is more than present-able today -- excellent!
I've posted a wee tribute to you today . . . a bit of you in Paris. Come see. . .

M said...

That is just beautiful... makes me feel bad for the way my "dinner table" looks here at home.

une femme said...

Very clever way with words, and yes, very lovely table linens!