Friday, June 3, 2011

(S)pelerine! Fashion at the Scripps Spelling Bee

Last night I was glued to the television set, cheering on the smart young spellers in the 20-round Scripps Spelling Bee competition, hoping that  ESPN Sports Center would NOT interrupt it for a basketball update.

I was rooting for Laura, a seemingly relaxed and charismatic Canadian lass. Curiously, in the last four or five rounds, many of the words Laura had to spell were articles of clothing. 

But Laura triumphed over the linguistic twists of fashion.  One of her words was "pelerine" (there's a small homage to it in my headline), a small cape to be worn just over the shoulders (image above).

Another clothing term was "cheongsam," which did not give Laura any difficulty either.

And then there was "huipil," an embroidered Latin American tunic to be worn over a skirt.

Although Laura came second in the Bee, she made no error here, proving herself to be a very fine "pupil" of the word "huipil" indeed.

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