Friday, June 17, 2011

Tran-Sportation Issues

I've just returned from my academic sojourn to the Ivies, which was utterly invigorating but not without challenges. 

Going and returning, to be specific.

My departing flight was delayed for six hours, which I spent in the airport, and my returning flight was cancelled and rescheduled for the following day.  Fortunately I was in Boston at the time and was able to enjoy an unexpected day in the city.

One item I always look for in the tiny boutiques of any city is a tiny hairpin to hold back my bangs.  In the 1990s the jeweler Gerard Yosca made some delightful pins for hair, but I haven't seen anything to match his casual elegance. 

However, I was charmed by some Jane Tran hairpins that I found at Moxie on Charles Street.  Tran has a vast line, ranging from feathery hairbands (above)

through this delicate jeweled starfish hairpin,

through this crowing peacock clip,

to both this set of pins,

and this set of clips that would be perfect for my daughters.

I bought a pair of tiny enameled yellow flowers on a pin and popped one in my bangs immediately.  But--oh dear--by the time I had finished my walk, the tiny flower was missing!

So I had a third tran-sportation challenge this week, alas!  (I am trying to be a good "sport" about it, though.)

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Maggie May said...

my daughter Lola wears a peacock head clip just like that