Sunday, June 10, 2012

Daffy Garden Wear

This photo, by Tim Walker for Vogue April 2012, is a favourite because of its unabashed celebration of florals.  I love how the contrasting patterns bloom in a virtual garden.

I thought of this image when I came across these vintage Joan Vass bloomers made from Liberty of London fabric on eBay.

I wouldn't wear them, I don't think, but would display them somehow.  They are seriously daffy and would put a smile on my face every time I passed them.

However, I would wear the Valentino garden gowns below. 

Meryl Streep wore a Valentino skirt the other night to honour Shirley MacLaine. Definitely daffy, with the ecru blouse.  I think she should have gone all out floral, though.


Jennifer said...

I love all of those gowns, but WHAT IS UP with the underarm area on the model in the last runway photo? Is that side boobage? Or some sort of armpit abnormality? A major pet peeve of mine related to strapless dresses, this blobby flesh above the bustline. Good to know that it can even happen to size 0 lasses, too.

helen tilston said...

The Valentino dress is stunning
I also agree with your suggestion on Meryl wearing all floral
Anyway, I just found your blog and immediately followed. I will look forward to your visit and comments.