Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Liberty Print That Got Away

I rarely purchase anything on impulse, which is often very wise but sometimes leaves me with regrets. 

Last summer, for instance, when I was on a fellowship in New Haven, I was cooling my academic jets by wandering around the shops and found a small cosmetics bag in Jack Wills, made from a pretty Liberty print.

"Oh, I'll get it later, if I still want it," I said to myself, but left without, having indulged in French linens and a London clutch elsewhere that day.

Later that summer, I looked for the bag online and in the Nantucket Jack Wills, but it was sold out. Small sigh, but I'll survive.

When I discovered that Sailor Rose makes tunics and dresses from that (and other!) Liberty print(s), my pulse temporarily increased.  The tunic is lovely on the model above, but its combination of a button-up back and waistlessness brings my heart rate back down.

Still, I can gaze upon this photo and luxuriate in the fabric through the filter of the computer screen.  And maybe I should just get some of the tana lawn cotton and fashion it myself.  We'll see.


helen tilston said...

Yes the fabric is beautiful and no doubt you will create a beautiful suitable garment


WendyB said...

I want to be as happy as the chick in that photo!