Monday, June 25, 2012

Fit for a Princess? The L. K. Bennett Sledge Saga Continues

My favourite fairy tale growing up was The Twelve Dancing Princesses.  The very idea of "dancing slippers" conjured up soft, velvet-y leather, slippers that were beautiful and comfortable.  And just imagine the princesses receiving a new pair of slippers every day, after wearing out the previous set during the night!

I yearned for a pair of princess dancing slippers.

Gentle readers may recall that I received a pair of princess pumps a couple of weeks ago, a generous birthday gift.  They were the L. K. Bennett taupe Sledge court pump worn, in seemingly great comfort, by the Duchess of Cambridge, affectionately if inaccurately known as Princess Catherine.

My pair was too tight, so I sent them back for a half size larger and today received them.  This time I was able to get them on (notice I didn't say "slip" them on) and, after wearing them for approximately a minute, was happy to take them off and return them to the box.

For the L. K. Bennett Sledge pumps are profoundly uncomfortable, even if they "fit."  The leather is stiff and unyielding, such that it felt like it cut into my foot.  The heel is high, with a platform, and, though high heels are no stranger to me, my high arch did not fit into the shoe, but revealed itself from the side.  Indeed, the shoes wore me.

And I think they may have worn me out, too, not out dancing, but they wore out my optimism that these would be a perfect pair of neutral heels for fall, when the right size arrived.

So L. K. Bennett now reminds me of the difficult cousin of Lydia and Kitty Bennet, and the Sledge pumps recall a revised Sister Sledge song, "We Aren't Family." 

I guess that's fitting, even if the shoes aren't.


Dorky Medievalist said...

I have never had good luck with LK Bennet shoes and I suspect the princess does not just pop in off the high street to pop on a pair. I bet they are custom-built for her (she's a princess!), despite their high street cred.

Miss Cavendish said...

That's Mr. C's take, too. We need our own MLA Bennett to custom-build shoes for us academic princesses.

Sue said...

Hello,that's a pity.If you could be bothered you could take a look at Rupert Sanderson's Verity pumps in nude? Thay are very comfortable but they might be a little dull for you?

Miss Cavendish said...

Thank you Sue; will take a look!

Gracie Beth said...

I am shocked by this because mine truly are comfortable. Perhaps it is all based on foot shape?

Miss Cavendish said...

Perhaps; my foot is not narrow. But beyond that, the leather of my pair felt like unyieldingly stiff cardboard. I wish they had been comfortable. Enjoy yours!

Monica said...

Miss Cavendish,

I just received my first pair of L.K. Bennett Sledge Taupe Pumps today and couldn't wait to 'slip' them on. I've always worn high heels with ease and expected these to be no different.

Much to my dismay, my feet needed help getting into the stiff leather shoes. When they finally were in, my arches showed so much that it looked like my feet were coming out of the shoes! I even went back to the L.K. Bennett website to check out the fit on the models. Their feet definitely showed no arches.

So I am returning these gorgeous shoes which I will have sadly owned if just for a few minutes. I'm so disappointed but glad they're working well for other ladies!