Sunday, June 3, 2012

Of Mad woMen and Bulldogs

I've never enjoyed doing just one thing at a time: I have my day job but also copyedit, freelance for magazines, blog, perform, etc.

It was the same in graduate school when, perhaps in a classic case of dissertatus avoidus, I studied fashion illustration, copyedited, worked as a research assistant, etc. 

Looking for another item to list on my CV, one day this then-graduate student saw an ad for an entry level creative position with an advertising agency.  Sure, I had zero experience, but whipped up some sample ads and sent them off.  The office move has unearthed some of them, one of which is above.

That's a sketch of my beloved bulldog Marilla, promoting a fictional Groom and Board in the home town of my second bulldog, Bossy, who we adopted on a cross-country road trip while passing through Kansas.  The ad is obviously primitive, by today's standards (and perhaps by yesterday's too), but it was, quite honestly, fun to give it a whirl.

I didn't get the ad agency position, but the ads bring back fond memories.

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