Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sister Sledge, or; Stepping out with the Duchess

A review from Nordstrom insists one will "feel like a Duchess" in them!

In what, exactly?

The Duchess of Cambridge's taupe L. K. Bennett patent platform "Sledge" heels, of course, the ones she's worn to many a function over the year (and worn them winningly, I add).

A box containing a pair of L. K. Bennett Sledge pumps arrived on my doorstep today, a slightly belated birthday gift from my wonderful family. 

But let's forget the Duchess for just a minute, for the scene chez moi was more Cinderella as I tried to slip on the size 39 shoes (my usual size).  Only one would go on, and it was very tight indeed. 

And unlike my character in Into the Woods (Cinderella's stepmother), I was not about to take a Sledge-hammer to my feet to secure a fit.

Plus, since I'm not planning on Pelicaning any time soon, I have, on the advice of the gentle assistant at L. K. Bennett, wrapped up the pair of pumps and popped them into the post for a half-size-up exchange.

Until they return, I'll be a Duchess-in-Waiting.

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