Friday, June 29, 2012

DIY: Schiaparelli Flower-and-Crystal Sunnies

Gentle readers will know that I am gaga over the cool whimsy of Elsa Schiaparelli sunglasses.

If I make it to the exhibit at the Met (Schiaparelli and Prada: Impossible Conversations), I might break my rule about matchy-matchy dressing.


I couldn't resist trying to embellish a pair of sunglasses, inspired by Schiaparelli's art.

My materials: a pair of sunglasses with a strong shape from Tar-zhay.  Also a somewhat unusual color: loden green.

Resin flowers from a craft store.  They're putty, not pink.

Swarovski crystals and glue.  Crystals are shades of moss and coffee.

The result (so far) is pretty nutty, but I like it.  Tomorrow I may add flowers and crystals to the stems.

And although I'm not frightened off by a DIY, the PIY (photograph it yourself) remains a challenge.

(The requisite hipstamatic filter.)


Dorky Medievalist said...

Oooh. Don't tell Elsa but I think I like yours better.

Susan B said...

Those are fabulous!!! If I didn't require prescription lenses I'd take your idea and run with it.

materfamilias said...

Those are so great! And you, you are so very talented!

Sue said...

I love the hipstamatic filter but I love your sunglasses more.

Stobby said...

Love them!You should sell those on Etsy!