Monday, July 26, 2010

Why I Might Not Make a Good Witness

member those pink ballet flats from a couple of posts back?

When I was in J Crew today, I had LOTS of time to kill, as the sales associates could not find my daughter's correctly sized "right" shoe, which had been paid for in advance. 

Backstory: before we went on vacation she tried on two different sizes, selected one pair, and found one of each size in the box when we arrived home.  After phone calls to J Crew to locate the correct right shoe and hold it, we went on a jaunt.  Upon return, the properly sized shoe was not waiting for us at the shop and I politely but firmly refused to leave until it materialized, one way or another. (Cue Blondie here.)

So, while I waited amidst a flurry of SA activity, I attempted to calm myself by looking at (more) shoes. 

And to my complete shock, I saw the coveted ballet flats from Nantucket!!

Even though I promised you that they were a sandy, even peach-juicy pink, as you can see, they're a little more coppery (but still pink).  And that grosgrain bow that was so perfect?  Satin.  (But still perfect.) 

And in a fit of self-indulgence, may I suggest how great they look with a tan? 

But I was resolved NOT to give J Crew a single cent more until my daughter's "right" shoe appeared.

Happily, and finally, it did.

But don't count on J Crew for efficient customer service, and, as I've learned, my witness skills might be coloured by a bit of imagination.


WendyB said...

Sam Waterston would make mincemeat of you on Law & Order!

Belle de Ville said...

Those shoes are adorable and I prefer them in the slightly more coppery color. Good for you for getting them to find the right shoe for your daughter.

Miss Cavendish said...

I'd like to hear Sam parse the differences between grosgrain and satin!

K.Line said...

Good job on both accounts.

materfamilias said...

I'm often a poor witness myself, each time quite sure I've got it right, each time a bit shocked at again being confronted with the original colour, or height, or shape. I don't think it's inability to observe attentively as it is inability not to project.
So glad you got J Crew straightened out -- now why couldn't they have comped you the perfect pair of ballet flats in apology?!