Monday, August 29, 2016

Carolina on my Mind

Mr. C bought me a vintage arts and crafts dining table, with wonderful, thick, carved wood legs. It comes with six chairs, which I have not yet seen(!) but which, he assures me, will need to be reupholstered.

I've thus been losing myself in furnishing fabrics on the Internet, imagining what would suit my unseen chairs.

My first inclination was to buy fabric from Liberty, but curiously enough, I could not locate any home fabrics in the United States, and I am too impatient to order from England.

Then I thought I would try William Morris, C. F. V. Voysey fabrics, or classic arts and crafts fabrics, but they looked too old and too dark.

So I turned my eye to more youthful fabrics, and rediscovered Carolina Irving. I'd swooned over her textiles in Vogue a while ago, but had forgot about them as I didn't have anything to be covered!

I adore, of course, the beautiful Aegean Stripe, shown here in two colourways, and also Indian Flower.

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