Thursday, August 4, 2016

Purl Soho, Nani Iro, and Selvedge Magazine

When I visit the lovely Purl Soho, I usually lose myself in the imported fabric, like this brushed cotton by Nani Iro, from Japan.

But sometimes I find myself too, as I did here, in the pages of Selvedge Magazine (top right, in the hat).

I also learned that Selvedge contains instructions on how to locate a free pattern by felt artist Cynthia Treen for making one's own, miniature pom-pommed donkey; an adorable one was on display under a clear cube at Purl Soho.

Donkey photos from Selvedge's Instagram

I would feed it one of my tiny cakes.

And for proper credit: I did play with levels of colour saturation and light in the photos that I took :-).

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