Monday, August 15, 2016

The 340d Fly; or Butterflies Are Tea

In the Olympic Games, the butterfly aquatics event is usually abbreviated as such: the 200m fly; the 100m fly, etc.

I have discovered, however, a new event, which involves pouring tea and might well be called the 340d fly.

In lane one is this Christian Lacroix butterfly teapot, valued at 340 dollars, hence the name of the event.

A worthy competitor in lane two is this Mackenzie Childs teapot, which is more of a rookie, as it is worth a "mere" 90 dollars. A 90d fly, anyone?

Although this event seems like it could be stimulating, I'd rather focus my attention on the medal podium, this charming pedestal, also adorned with butterflies, but in blue, also from Mackenzie Childs.

Or do gentle readers think that these butterflies are twee?

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