Thursday, August 18, 2016

Dr. Martens, Dean Martin, Famolare, and the Cavendish Shoe

When I was in grad school in the 1990s I spend many of my days in my beloved Dr. Martens: black shoes, yellow stitching, with flowy floral dresses, shorts, and back cigarette pants.

These days I'd be interested in updating to the Union Jack boots, but have been temporarily diverted by these Cavendish shoes, for name-recognition reasons. Vanity, thy name is "Cavendish."

These shoes appear to be an update themselves, but if I were to get them, I'd want a different sole. The wedge is too Famolare for me--and if one goes Famolare, why not go all the way?

On Docs I prefer a traditional arch and heel, as in these Vintage 1461s:

By the way, back in the 1970s, when I was a wee lass on Prince Edward Island learning about Famolare shoes in Seventeen Magazine, I pronounced the name Fam-o-lair. Today, after visiting the new website, I realized I'd been saying it wrong ALL these years.

It's more like in this Dean Martin recording of "Volare":

The same can happen with literary characters--how many young readers mispronounced "Hermione" when they first met her in the HP series, or call/ed St. John Rivers from Jane Eyre "Saint John" instead of "Sinjin"?

The most recent Jane Eyre with the most recent St. John. 

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