Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Pink Planners, a Phone, and Platforms: The Kate Spade Influence?

There's a particular shade of pink that I love--it's sort of the creamy pink of Canadian Smarties; sort of something else.

I see bits of it here, in these three different pinks.

The first is a notebook by Kate Spade. Its cousin, an agenda in a redder floral, has bloomed all over the Internet, but I saw, in a local shop, an agenda in this pale peony pink and am going to scoop it up tomorrow.

Detail from the red floral agenda

The second is a witty pair of platforms by Minivog (Who? Fluevog's mini me?). I've been feeling my 1990s graduate school roots lately (it's been a quarter century since I wore my Doc Martens) and these remind me of those days.

And finally, what's a good pink without someone to tell about it? So this phone directory would do nicely, with its retro silhouette and shade.

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