Saturday, August 13, 2016

Who Wore a Turtleneck Better? J.Crew or Sue Heck?

Today I received a Fall 2016 teaser catalogue from J.Crew and noticed the retro prep style that's being promoted as the company attempts to make itself relevant again.

One style in particular caught my eye, as it reminded me of my undergraduate years during the early 1980s when students wore turtlenecks under collared shirts.

I really haven't seen this look surface since (for good reason?), but there's a variant of it in the TV character Sue Heck's wardrobe from The Middle.

Gentle readers may know that Sue is the eternally optimistic, striving middle child who sees the world through unicorn-colored glasses.

And since Sue is knowing for cheerfully writing herself into slogans (like her patriot scholarship essay "Red, White and Sue" [she didn't win it]; or her "Sue-mometer" to measure funds raised for university), maybe I'll call this look the



Barbara Meyers said...

Cute Post! I am in love with quite a bit of the catalog, but 100% get the J Sue comments- The JCrew I am loving most are the lucite heel shoes!

Miss Cavendish said...

Yes--they are definitely covetable. I am loving the tiered fatigue shirtdress--may have to slip an ascot underneath to J.Sue-ify it!