Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Coffee Tawk

Full disclosure: in the States I’m a two-latte-a-day grrl. My biggest concern is whether the barista fills my cup with enough milk before adding the foam.

But on PEI my tastes have changed radically in the space of—three days. Yesterday I went downtown to a great little bakery/café (Beanz) and felt like I was the only local in the long line ordering a latte.

Such a drink seems too soft, too pampered, on this beautiful but not-precious island, so I’m preferring a morning cup of tea instead.

Of course you know that Starbucks is nonexistent on the Island (perhaps in Atlantic Canada?) and that Tim Horton’s rules. The CBC news mentioned last night that after a long ownership by a US conglomerate, Tim Horton’s will be returning to Canada.

By the way, it was mind-bending to see Peter Mansbridge, with his white locks. I remember the glory days of Peter and Wendy Mesley, way back when.

Back to my coffee: Tim Horton’s is Mr. C’s coffee of choice; I actually find it too pricey and stick to my tea at home.

But ahh—Tim Horton’s—you have created a bit of a holy grail. Your shops are peppered with glowing photos of Tim mugs, and our family wants one. (The pottery one, not the car cup.) However, they’re either considered a curiosity: “We’ll get some in by Christmas!” or are sold out: “We expect some next week!”

I will not diverge from my quest, as Mr. C’s birthday is Friday and a Tim mug would be a perfect gift!


La Belette Rouge said...

If you give me a donut I will tell you where to find a Tim Horton mug. For some reason after reading your post I decided to pop over to ebay and yep, you can have your Horton mug( but not by Friday).
p.s. I love the detail of how a latte seems too pampered in your present local. That is a delicious detail.

WendyB said...

Never been a coffee drinker, but lattes look so delicious!

Mary-Laure said...

Me, I'm a macchiato girl.

The Mighty J said...

I hope you got the mug - otherwise I can CP you one from Toronto!

miss cavendish said...

Thanks so much for your sleuthing and offer, Belette and Mighty J--I'm sure I can find a TH mug in the next three weeks (and Mr. C had a fine birthday without it!).