Friday, June 5, 2009

Pippi or Peau?

Today my daughter’s entire grade dressed up as characters from Pippi Longstocking. We made her a crazy patched dress and braided her hair, but stopped short of dying her white-blonde hair fire-engine red. (I was surprised by how many girls went for it! In truth, I didn’t even think of giving her red hair. Must have been subconscious memories of this.)

Anyway, the vision of some 55 girls and boys in Pippi attire was completely adorable. The day got me thinking, though: if I were to dress up as a literary character, I think I’d choose the heroine of Peau d’ane. You all know the gorgeous film costumes, bien sur, seen here and here, but have you seen some of the fanciful illustrations from the written editions? They’re delightful, as above.

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