Wednesday, June 24, 2009

New York Stories: Easing on *Up* the Road

Today my daughters and I chased my fleet-footed FIL, a long-time NYCer, around Manhattan. His nickname is Mercury.

When we caught up, we had a delightful lunch at Bricco, whose charming owner is from Capri. The wall and ceiling of the front part of the restaurant is covered with signed lipstick kisses from lassies who have dined there. (This is also charming and not tacky at all.)

But no, I didn’t.

Then it was off to the races again, with our destination a matinee of The Wiz. I loved the production—not least because Dawnn Lewis, who I remember from A Different World, the Cosby Show spinoff, was playing a very glamourous good witch, wearing what had to be a Junya Watanabe-inspired ensemble.

LaChanze, who I’ve wanted to see for some time, was a superpower Glinda. What a voice! What grace and beauty!

And Tichina Arnold, who I vaguely remember from Martin, was channeling Lil Kim in her portrayal of Evillene, the wicked witch of the west, all sequin-bustier-and-leggings glory.

There was also Orlando Jones as the Wiz, and I know him, I truly do, but not from his stage, TV, and film credits. I actually think it's from his 7-Up ads (!!!).

Ashanti, who I didn’t know so I couldn’t remember her, played Dorothy. Great voice; minimal stage presence.

And I loved the set: it was a tornado funnel cloud, with the orchestra and backup singers winding along the curves.

Tomorrow we will continue easing on UP the road to Maine. Now I *really* don’t know when I’ll be back online, but do keep checking in! I hope to surprise myself . . .

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Shani said...

Sounds like a great show! I remember watching the movie when I was little and loving it. Dawnn Lewis has a fabulous voice, I can imagine that she made a fantastic addition to the show!