Monday, June 29, 2009

Miss Cellany: Lupin Edition

Although today is wet, my spirits are sunny.

Went for an early morning run along the water; stopped at the wharf to watch fishermen bring in their hauls (tomorrow is the last day of lobster catching on PEI; Nova Scotia goes next, then, I suppose, New Brunswick, and PEI resumes in Sept.).

Drove downtown to buy musical theatre tickets at Confederation Centre and then headed back to the beach to pick up lunch from the wharf (hot bowls of seafood chowder, accompanied by warm biscuits).

Spent a good half hour jigging the internet connection to gain access from our remote location (annoying).

Tried to comment on blogs, only to be disconnected each time. Still, some commenting accomplished.

So utterly inspired by Island beauty that am going to embroider fishing shacks and lupins while children read library books.

Think that wild lupins, in meadows, along roadsides, are most beautiful flower in world.


materfamilias said...

I love lupins and haven't thought to go out and look for them on the Vancouver Island hillsides this spring -- your photo is a gorgeous reminder. Do you know the children's book by Barbara Cooney, Miss Rumphius? It was always one of our favourites and I look forward to introducing my granddaughter Nola to it in a few years. Miss Rumphius makes the world more beautiful by scattering lupine seeds -- a lovely achievement, to be sure.

WendyB said...


Belle de Ville said...

Of all wildflowers I particularlry love lupines and I see them on my hikes through the Santa Monica Mountains. Sadly the lupine season is already over here in the southern California heat.

Scriber said...

It's almost 3 weeks after your post but I am enjoying a wonderful view: a hillside of wild lupines. Blue, purple, pink and rarest of all, white. And it is sunny today as well. Wish I could harvest the seeds and plant them at home.


Anonymous said...

Hello hello.
I live in Iceland
I found this lovely article on google. I live in Iceland and on my land there are growing thousends of blue "Alaskan Lupines"
I have heard that in Prince Edward island there are big fields of pink wild lupines, can you help me,,, is it possible to get a seed from them somwhere ? With the best regsrds from Iceland. Thorleifur