Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I’m not a fan of novelty jewelry for myself, but from a copyeditor’s point of view, these rings (from Etsy; can’t remember the designer) made me smile.

You see, “kerning” refers to the space between letters, which can be manipulated to either closeuptheletters o r s p a c e t h e m o u t .

So by wearing the kern ring on two fingers, you can play with your own kerning, as in this photo. Sounds a little bold; oh those typographers!


Sal said...

Such fun! There seems to be a lot of graphic design/editorial humor floating around the style world these days ... the Pantone/Gap collaboration springs to mind.

K.Line said...

Cute. M has a little friend named Kern. Would be perfect for him :-)

Mary-Laure said...