Friday, March 19, 2010

Titian Hair

I'm in the red these days, having recently decided on a copper base with golden highlights.  And so I'm taking particular notice of titian-colored locks.

The first place I read the word "titian" was, of course, in a Nancy Drew mystery, the girl detective famous for her titian hair, which, to my mind, was a mix of red and gold.  Indeed, Nancy's hair was an important element in every book cover, above and below.

But there are other famous titians too.

Consider Ann Margret:

And Karen Elson:

as well as two former blondes:

Lauren Holly:

and Christina Hendricks:

It's, ahem, no mystery why these women are embracing titian hair.


Belle de Ville said...

Ah...Nancy Drew and her famous red hair, setting her apart from the bland blonds and brunettes.
I love that red hair but would never go titian, I always had deep chestnut red which I thought looked made my eyes look bluer.
Where is your Belette style photo, showing the outline of your hair and your face covered by the camera?

WendyB said...

George the lesbian was my favorite Nancy character.

s. said...

My hair is naturally titian but at 40 I'm now horrified to find many whites amidst the red. It's close to impossible to find a dye that can replicate my natural colouring and hair dressers sigh that titian is the hardest shade to replicate. Each time I leave the salon I'm auburn, ginger, chestnut but never, ever titian. *sigh*

If any of you can suggest a drug store dye that does the trick, please list the names/numbers and brands here! Merci.

materfamilias said...

Tea-nose-sputtering laughter at WendyB's comment. One of my daughter's has slightly-darker-than-titian thick red curls -- they've been an attention-getter for her since she was two, and she continues to work them. Have fun as a redhead!

enc said...

I love red hair! I bet yours is beautiful.

Maravonda said...

I read all the Nancy Drew books, and didn't remember that she was a redhead!!! Of course, it was a while ago... I adore red hair, and have worn mine black, bright Lucy Ricardo red and now platinum blonde. I prefer the red for my coloring above all, but men respond to blonde hair like Pavlov's dog to the bells. Yes, I am shallow and needy. But I am so glad that someone else is enjoying it! And isn't Christina Hendricks AMAZING?!!! Now that is a beautiful woman...blond hair would just be silly on top of all that lushness...(Is "lushness" a word?)...

Sister Wolf said...

What! A lesbian?!