Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Margo Selby Shoes: For the Curious

Yesterday I offered a quick tweet about my sugar-bush ensemble, the two most interesting aspects of which included my Le Chameau boots and beloved Margo Selby scarf. 

I've written about my passion for Selby's textiles before in a post, and thought I'd revisit the London designer's home page, since I hadn't paid a call in a year or so.

There I was intrigued by a whimsical collaboration with Daita Kimura, for the Dickensian Old Curiosity Shop: shoes outfitted in Selby's trademark bubbly silk (my term).

I wouldn't wear the cocktail court shoe (wish I could see its heel, above) with a solid-color ensemble; that's too generic.  Rather, I'd pair it with a riot of patterns, ideally on a bustle skirt or somesuch and a fitted jacket.  Or maybe with a perfect Manish Arora dress.  To my mind, pattern begets pattern.

This cocktail hogtoe boot (truly one knows this is a porcine boot before reading its name) is a peculiar mix of Victorian novel, Tim Burton film, and street chic. It's the piggy cousin to Alexander McQueen's Bedlingtons and I am in thrall.

It could look terrific with a pair of perfectly cut fluorescent beige* jodphurs (wait--do pigs and ponies mix?) and an eccentric but fitted jacket.  Oh yes: and a vintage top hat. 

*This is my new favorite color, which I just heard articulated in the film Precious.  There's nothing precious about fluorescent beige: it's in-your-face cool.


LPC said...

I love those polka dot shoes. I agree, wear them with plaid even:).

Belle de Ville said...

Oh those flats with a Manish Arora dress would be adorable.

WendyB said...

Wow, I love those snouty shoes!

Angie Muresan said...

I kept reading shoes for the circus. And just because I have no fashion sense, I must say, they do look a bit circusy.

stacy said...

These are so cute!