Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bobbing for Apples

It is, I hope, no secret to my gentle readers that I do not like to shop.  I love line, silhouette, colour and texture, but I prefer a process other than combing through shops to find them. 

So it was with a steeled constitution that I set out today for L'acheter meilleur and Le marche aux pommes. (They read much more prettily that way, even if my conjugations are off.)

L'acheter meilleur was exactly that, even if the salespeople were both scarce and unknowing.  I had asked for one of those Toucher things to be put aside for me and when I went to claim it it was a Nano.  Or a Nono, in other words.  Fortunately, I had completed my research online and was able to purchase what I wanted.  And the shop matched its cosiderably lower online price.

The shop was, however, sorely lacking in style, so off I went to Le marche aux pommes to find a case for the Toucher thing.  Have you ever been to that shop?  It was packed! 

And so I am rather worn out from my expedition but feel satisfied that my mission was accomplished.  Now I can avoid shops for another good long stretch!


Belle de Ville said...

Ah, so you had to go to le marche aux pommes..avec beaucoup du monde, quel dommage!

s. said...

I'm sorry - I have no idea what this post is about.

Miss Cavendish said...

So anyway, I went to the Apple store and Best Buy to make some purchases. It was such an experience that I wrote the stores' names in oddly translated French . . .