Friday, July 30, 2010

"X" Marks the Dot

Some of my favorite destinations are unmarked: L'Express (perfect bistro) in Montreal, the Paramount Hotel in New York, certain police cars . . . 

And today, the little jewelbox location of Manolo Blahnik, on 54th St, across from (the other side of ) MoMA.  I'd been strolling along, looking at the pub where Mona Simpson tried to have a cup of coffee with her interviewer, and a few doors down, there it was!  A simple, clean front with a very discrete plaque announcing its distinguished proprietor.

I didn't go in (had two anxious lassies en route to American Girl, which is decidedly NOT unmarked), but did develop strong feelings for the pumps in the window. 

They were genially marked with polka dots(!!!).


La Belette Rouge said...

There is something about the hidden, the un-named, to add to the cache. I am not the proud owner of any Manolo's and they are not on the top of my wish list...but there is something about the architecture of that little boutique that makes me feel like I could live in there( with or without the shoes).
Hope you and the gals had a lovely time at the much more visible address.

pve design said...

Tell me, are you in NY? Love to meet.