Saturday, July 17, 2010

Something Natural

We've found our favorite sandwich spot on Nantucket--one, ironically that reminds me of California.

Something Natural is located just outside of town.  You order a sandwich, made to order, inside, and then take them to the large back yard, dotted with picnic tables undergracious, shade trees and a beautiful hydrangea garden.  It is ideal.

Today I had cheddar, chutney, and avocado on seven-grain.  I think that the avocado brings the California flavour.

(again, photo not by me)


Miss Whistle said...

Nantucket is my favorite place in the United States. My friend Marta is there. Say hi, if you bump into her. We're off to Norway on Tuesday, otherwise, I'd come join you for a sandwich. Have a lovely holiday.

Miss W

WendyB said...

Avocado makes everything good.

itztru said...

Mmmmm...To Nantucket(was there in June, going back in October) and to your new sandwich spot. I swear I was a Quaker who lived there in a former life! I hope your time there was magical.

Belle de Ville said...

There is a place like this in Laguna Beach where you order your meal, or coffee inside and then sit at a table in the garden to enjoy it. I love sitting outside when the weather is nice.