Tuesday, August 10, 2010

An Eye(glass) for an I

When I worked in the publishing world, I spent a LOT of time at my computer. 

Nearing the end of those nine months in New York, I visited an optometrist and was outfitted with reading glasses that would help with the computer glare, etc.

I enjoyed picking out glasses, since I saw them as an accessory.  I searched the shops in the Village and in Soho, finding a pair of Oliver Peoples at the late Joel Name shop on Houston (I know that there's a Joel Name deeper in Soho now).  They were not inexpensive.

Why do I mention something as unmentionable as price?  Because the lenses in those Oliver Peoples glasses have had their day and I was utterly shocked to learn that I could buy a pair of reading glasses without prescription.  I know: I am sheltered in some areas.

During my summer travels we stopped at Oberlin College and I saw some somewhat retro yet space-age glasses with a strong shape at a funky boutique in the town.  They are made by this company and cost, to my enduring surprise (and pleasure), about 1/20th of my OP frames and lenses. 

I don't mind going a little Jetsons-by-way-of-French-new-wave with these reading specs; indeed, I'd rather up my technology in the glasses department than read from a Kindle, etc.  Do any gentle readers have strong opinions on paper vs. tech?

**Image: Shirley Manson for Oliver Peoples.  Or is it Ann Margret?


WendyB said...

Yeah, my eye doctor told me to go get a pair of over-the-counter reading glasses. I still haven't done it though!

Maggie May said...

i need glasses so badly. my dog literally ate mine!

Jennifer said...

It's paper for me! I can't fathom reading books on an e-reader. It's enough for me to daily read the umpteen blogs I follow without getting a headache. I don't care how "paper-like" they make the screens of these readers, I will always love the heft of a book in my hands, the feel of the pages as I turn them, the joy of seeing them lined up on my bookshelves. If I were someone who traveled frequently I might enjoy an e-reader for the convenience it provides, but only with some reluctance.

Enjoy your new glasses!

wild thyme flowers said...

Wow, what a great website ! Thank you Miss Cavendish for sharing. I've got my sights (pun intended) on the Dr. Kissinger reading glasses and the Bloomingdale and Stevie sunglasses. Though have been dreaming of a lovely pair in the cat's eye style.

Thumbelina Fashionista said...

I think I generally prefer a book over a Kindle, but lately I've decided not to buy any new books unless they're for school. My bookshelves are unflatteringly overloaded with books. So now I'm sticking to the local library or the Kindle.

materfamilias said...

I'm staunchly on the paper book side, but I do think that once the technology matures and settles a bit, I'll probably pick up some version of e-book reader. I can imagine some advantages in portability for travel, for example, and if they include a decent option for scanning/retrieval of info, that could be good as well. Major concerns, though, 'round fair treatment of authors, around distribution -- especially as someone who's studied Canlit history and knows how legal and marketplace issues can affect writing. Meanwhile, a sassy pair of reading glasses can make it all easier and ever so chic, as you always are!

Mardel said...

Well I have a kindle and use it, 'though I bought it for my spouse's aging eyesight which was beyond the help of corrective lenses. I prefer and read more actual books in all their paper glory.

I'm jealous of anyone who can use over the counter readers. My eyes are so different, that only prescription lenses will do.