Monday, August 16, 2010

Paper. Wait.

Tis the season to buy paper.  Today I was busy outfitting my three with every conceivable school supply, then labelling, sharpening, and pre-packing schoolbags.

I do like to indulge myself a bit, though, during this yearly ritual .  Although I rely on standards (Crayola, Ticonderoga) for my children with perhaps a bit of a twist (Pratt student-designed pencil cases), I take carte blanche with my own school supplies.

The other week at Kate's Paperie on W 57th I bought the above and far-below file folders (so very professorial no?), as well as an oversized letter (about 2 feet tall; 1 inch deep) to decorate for my office (and bought my children each one too).

Perhaps with a sheet of wrapping paper from Kate's?:

I also bought an academic calendar (uncharacteristically but unabashedly pink), and a mouse pad made up of weekly calendars.  I stuck a magnet on the back and affixed the pad to my fridge (can I call this project an iPad?).  Whatever we call it, the week at a glance keeps me sane.

So now we have all this glorious paper and are patiently waiting for the school year to begin. 


WendyB said...

You're in NYC? How did I not know that?

Miss Cavendish said...

Cause you were in London when I was in NYC!!

Barbara said...

Isn't it exciting starting a new school year?

materfamilias said...

Some compensations for getting back to it! I'm picking up a new academic calendar/day-planner today and won't be able to resist some new colours of fine-tip pens, probably yet another mechanical pencil, and whatever other enticements I spot -- thanks for the inspiration. . . enjoy these last few less scheduled weeks . . .