Monday, August 9, 2010

Inviting Gravity

Perhaps Canadian peeps already know about this shoe shop, but it is new to me. 

Gravity Pope is a little upscale graduate student in its vibe (OK: very upscale grad student) and I learned of it through In Professorial Fashion.  Here are my picks, for the classroom and beyond (think meta):




These boots are not my *favorite,* but I am easily seduced by their label. How could a lit prof not love something that invokes Lady Audley's Secret?
And here is the inevitable link to the wonderful Idina Menzel singing "Defying Gravity."  Requisite name dropping: I didn't see Wicked, but I saw Idina from the fifth row, fourth week of Rent, back in 1996.

Not to reject the Pope half of Gravity Pope, here is a link to a rather genius-ly named hair salon: Alexander Pope

You'll recall his Rape of the Lock, which I invoked here.  Oh: and here, too.


WendyB said...

That hair salon name! Too funny!

K.Line said...

Never heard of it till now. But it is west coast. You know how annexed we are from one another :-)

enc said...

You have such great taste in shoes!

materfamilias said...

Managed to drive right past Gravity Pope this afternoon, such restraint -- and that was after I'd been to a 40-year retrospective of Fluevog & Friends and had my shoe mojo revved up!
That would be a very lucky grad student, I have to say, and perhaps even one prepared to forego a textbook or two . . .

Thumbelina Fashionista said...

I like the first pair the best.

By the way, I'm heading to Cape Cod next week (plus Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard). Any recommendations for must-see places/restaurants/shops?

I'm also doing a $100 Shopbop giveaway if you'd like to apply. :)

La Belette Rouge said...

Shoe #1 is ABSOLUTELY gorgeous. GORGEOUS!

Sister Wolf said...

I love that website. It's definitely porn for shoe enthusiasts.