Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Fine Feathers

This photo from New York Magazine brought me back to the 1980s.

For then, in ordinarily staid Ottawa, I bought a pink feathery top with bracelet-length sleeves, a short, fitted waist, a boat-neck, and a deep, open V back. 

I wore it with a high-waisted, very long black fitted skirt while waiting tables at a bistro.

This desire for eccentric separates is why I could quite possibly end up with the dreaded "nothing-yet-everything to wear" in my closet.


WendyB said...

But that sounds so nice! I wish I had those pieces now.

LPC said...

"The desire for eccentric separates..." Now that in and of itself is an entire novel.

Jennifer said...

I can so easily picture this ensemble! Very sophisticated, no?

Miss Cavendish said...

It *was* sophisticated, and I wish I had saved it!!

K.Line said...

I imagine that would still get you some stares in Ottawa! :-) I'm sure you were utterly chic in it.