Thursday, September 9, 2010

Building Character

Have you seen the Alvin Ailey Company perform?  I've been fortunate enough to see the touring company perform, both in Canada and in the United States, and love the emotion that propels each dancer's move.

I'm well into dance rehearsals myself for our weekend show (5 perfs!) and am feeling a little Ailey--OK: ailing--too: my new character shoes have led to a subtle but unpleasant knee discomfort. 

But I shan't dwell on such things now.

Rather, there is this image of Linda Celeste Sims performing "Cry" at the White House to contemplate.

And happily, my bum knee does not provoke that emotion, but watching this glorious dancer surely does.

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LPC said...

Yes. I saw Dame Judith perform Cry, back in, what, the early 80s?