Sunday, September 26, 2010

Remembrance of Pinks Past

When I recall my undergrad days, I pause in bemuse-
ment when I remember that I employed not only a personal tailor, but a personal jewelry designer as well. 

For I was hardly an heiress to a Molson fortune, but an earnest young English major devoted to the pursuit of beauty through multiple media. 

I remember that the first youthful female English professor I ever had made an impression with her English eccentric style and her wedding band: a Cartier tri-colored trinity "rolling" band.

I was smitten with the play among the colors and the overlaps of the three bands, so I asked a jewelry designer to please make me one.  But I asked for only one color of gold, and must not have explained myself clearly, because he made me a single band that sort of looked wavy.  Being a polite Canadian lass, I bought it but never wore it.

The memory of the rose gold lingers, though, and it can only be serendipitious that this week's NYT had a pretty mix of pinks to thrill me.  Below is a rose gold key from Tiffany. 

And this dress from Suno recalls an infant gown of mine: thick, stiff, ribbed cotton embellished with tiny rosettes.  It may not be exact, but it takes me back, via an emotional connection.

Finally, the dress above, a detail from a museum piece, conjures up princess gowns past and future.  My bespoke prom dress sleeve was not unlike this, though a smoky blue and a series of discs joined by tiny beads. 

So maybe it was utterly different but no matter: the recollected emotion is strong, whether this memory gatherer is tranquil or at play.


Marleene said...

Love your blog here. I've enjoyed reading a few of your posts, and will be back for more.

Belle de Ville said...

I love rose gold and every once in a while it comes in fashion for a season then seems to disappear again.

materfamilias said...

This is such a sweetly evocative post, sending me trolling back among my own remembered pinks -- but your title, that is really a triumph! Might be your best pun yet!