Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Harper's Bazaar: The Downer Issue

Once, about 12 years ago now, when I was sitting in a salon waiting for my appointment, I began paging through a major men's magazine (as they say) to pass the time. 

When I came upon an article written by an ex about his exes, my heart began to race. 

Not of out nostalgic fondness, but from the horror of potentially being written about, without the opportunity to provide balancing quotes.**

It's a disconcerting thing, to read about one's self in a magazine (especially if the story is unexpected), or even, as I've just learned, to read about someone you know in an entirely different context.

What on earth am I talking about?  The most recent Harper's Bazaar, of course, also known by me as its "downer" issue.  (Cue Rachel Dratch):

From Drew Barrymore's downturned eyes and lips on the subscribers' cover through the interviewer's questions about her on-again-off-again mate Justin Long,

Cheer up!

through Galt Niederhoffer's abbreviated story of splitting from her partner (who was once my smart and gentle student, ages ago, when I taught elsewhere) to the distressing attempt at painting Balthazar and Rosetta Getty's marriage in a forgive-and-forgetty manner,

this issue's editorial features were punctuated by sadness.

If I want to wallow in writerly gloom, I'll just pull out a PMLA

**BTW, I was referenced, but obliquely.  This both relieved the private me and annoyed the diva me.


K.Line said...

Honestly, you've got to write a tell all. I can't stand the obliqueness! It doesn't suit the nosy-body in me.

materfamilias said...

Too funny, despite the oblique approach! I'm off to pick up Harper's . . .

WendyB said...

The magazine just came in the mail and now I can't wait to read it!